Google Tasks Incredible


I work on pretty much everything that my boss needs coded. One of the things we’ve recently launched is Google Tasks Incredible, a gesture based tasks app that integrates into the tasks feature of Gmail. It was the first app I ever put on the  Play Store that used animations or the action bar at all. Action Bar Sherlock came to the rescue to mimic the ICS action bar on devices running older versions of Android such as Gingerbread.

Anyway, enough talk, you should go check it out! The lite version is free on the Play Store. Or you can go for the pro version for more features, such as creating and deleting lists from inside the app itself.


I hope you like it! And remember, if you have any feature requests, bug reports, or any other thoughts, feel free to contact us using the “Send Feedback” item in the Settings menu.

3G Notify now open source


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